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"Apparently my whole Family loved it"
- S Corby
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What's Bogan Bingo all about

What is Bogan Bingo?

Half game show. Half party. Thats how we describe it. One Bingo caller calls out the numbers and his budding Dj play songs from the 80's and 90's that rhyme with those numbers. Throw in some jokes, tributes and spontaneous air guitar competition and you'll soon see why...
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Welcome to Bogan Bingo

So Who is Bogan Bingo?

Bogan Bingo is your answer to your next fundraiser, work function or private event and will save you from another boring quiz night. If you've been stuck with running this years event, Bogan Bingo is now based in all the main states and help you run your night with ease!...
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What's Bogan Bingo all about
Its a fully trademarked concept which means you get more people to your event and you get to charge more for people to come. Its also easy to coordinate, fun and effective in giving all your friends an excuse to dress up, rock up and rock out.


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