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"Apparently my whole Family loved it"
- S Corby
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  • It was the highlight of our social calendar without a doubt
  • Everyone kept asking me 'Where did you find these guys?'. Im glad I took my friends advice
  • The guys were great, we had some concerns about the language, but we were a lot worse than them!
  • This was the easiest night we've ever had to run, and it was the best as well!

Want a fundraising event that keeps everyone happy including YOU?

If you're wanting something different and simple to run for this years fundraiser or social function, Bogan Bingo has thought of it all.

We've created a night thats proven and guaranteed to be the highlight of the year, whilst helping you raise the cash that you need.
And you may find it hard to believe, but it only takes about 1 phone call and one email and its all done!

Each show features one hilarious MC who calls out the numbers, and a DJ who plays all the songs from the 80's and 90's that rhyme with our calls. Throw in a few jokes, crowd interaction and an air guitar competition, and you'll understand why Bogan Bingo has been featured on shows like Getaway, A Current Affair and Australia's Got Talent.

Its why Bogan Bingo helps you, get more people to your event!

Not only is the night fun, unique and easy to promote, we've also made it easy to organize.

We take care of:

  • All bingo supplies.
  • Speakers/PA/Microphones.

You just have to:

  • Download our 'Form Guide' which is designed to make your event simple to run.
  • Download our ready made logos and posters that help you promote your event.
  • Provide one trestle table, and 5 prizes that we distrubute throughout the night.

The standard night features 2 games of bingo, air guitar competition, fashion parade (for those that dress up) and help out with raffles, auctions and competitions that we dedicate to helping you raise more laughs and funds.

The time frame for most fundraisers is 7.30pm to 10.30 and we can always stay on and DJ through the night to keep those bar profits ticking over.

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