2018 Terms and Conditions

2018 Terms and Conditions

2018 Terms and Conditions 1600 873 admin

A long long time ago…

Bogan Bingo could be quite flexible when people who booked shows forgot to check their calendars, decided that 40 people wasn’t enough to have a good time or (yes this happened) forgot to renew their clubs liquor license. Wasn’t he popular!

Instead of just keeping  your money, (which Consumer Affairs says we are actually allowed to do), if a show can’t go ahead we allow you to postpone your show and use your deposit like a voucher so we can book it again later in the year. And if that isn’t generous enough you can even use it for another type of show entirely. Or on sell it, sub lease it out or give to someone as a gift.

Compromises are usually made and we can be most accommodating indeed, as long as there is enough notice given.

During peak season, between post Easter and Pre footy finals however, our teams are fully booked and performing in your state up to 8 shows every weekend. So when you book a show with Bogan Bingo, we potentially start knocking shows back and likewise our performers, who prefer doing our shows over their kids parties, trivia hosting and even their own parties and social lives start knocking back work for you, and us.

So still standing from 2017, is the 2018 Bogan Bingo Terms and Conditions.

◦ All payments are non refundable. No exceptions.
◦ However if more than 3 weeks notice is given, all payments are turned into vouchers that are valid for 12 months.
◦ Dates for postponed shows inside a 4 week period are subject to availability and may incur fees if we have rejected work to hold your date. This is because its unlikely anyone else will book a show within a 4 week period.
Cancelled shows inside the 3 week time frame forfeit any balances paid.
*Shows postponed within 4 weeks of your event, 15% of the cost of your show CAN be charged to the re-booking of your show

Basically postponing the show at the last minute means we have to tell our staff that they are not working that night. So for them to keep accepting our gigs they need to know they’ll be getting paid at least something once they accept.  That comes from the 15% postponement fee. This should buy you at least some extra time to get that money back.

We know things happen. We’ve had clubs with floods, deaths, 21st b’days that seem to make sure that no one will actually show up.

We just ask you to go through them any options possible to solve the issue, before blindly asking us for a refund. Its not cool.