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Crowd control – (we are not ) 750 562 darren

Crowd control – (we are not )

Responsible protection of our performers: If your show is a large function (namely a football or sporting club) that sells or allows alcohol, please respect our efforts to create a safe environment for each of our performers. The best way for us to do this is by giving them the right to pull the show at…

Why do we have to use the official BB logo? 150 150 darren

Why do we have to use the official BB logo?

Bogan Bingo is a comedy show and not an opportunity for Scotty in the graphics department to brush up on his Photoshop skills. (or Microsoft Paint for some). More seriously though, we provide you with, and make it compulsory to use our fully trademarked logo for the following reasons. It helps us promote our brand.…

Bootlegging Bogan Bingo? Um, yeah NO! 543 678 darren

Bootlegging Bogan Bingo? Um, yeah NO!

In 2008 Bogan Bingo became a registered trademark. Not just so someone could privatise the Bogan industry and inflate the price to the public, but to protect the show’s intellectual property and make sure just no idiot off the street and their dog could get up in front of their mates and pretend to be…

“Can the kids come?” 1512 1134 admin

“Can the kids come?”

With kids, from our experience, we always preferred giving our audience ‘a night off’ from the everyday responsibility of parenting, and to be honest, its lot more work for our team to be mindful for the one rare show where kids are present. Having said that, no matter what show we are doing, we aren’t…

What if I don’t get enough people?? 1600 873 admin

What if I don’t get enough people??

We get this question a lot. We think it is a pretty important topic so its been spared a spot on the FAQ’s page, and been given its very own blog post! When you book with us, it does take a bit of work. Georgia puts together all the information, sometimes after much back and…

Why 6 Prizes? 529 629 admin

Why 6 Prizes?

Whether its a 2 game fundraiser for your community or our greatest hits ‘one hour of power’ in the work place, we basically get through the same format so no matter event we are doing, 6 prizes is all you should bother getting. But what to get? Let’s break it down:  – We need prizes…

Top 10 ways to raise money. 800 600 admin

Top 10 ways to raise money.

After 10 years of doing fundraisers for schools, clubs and social clubs alike, we thought we’d seen it all when it came to fund raising ideas. And we were right. Firstly, when wanting to raise funds for your function, keep in mind for your average Bogan Bingo showpeople pay about $25-$35 to go. Throw in a…

Getting your gig together in 4 easy steps 800 600 admin

Getting your gig together in 4 easy steps

When organising a kick-arse event it can sometimes feel like there are more boxes to tick than a bingo card, which is why we always recommend delegating responsibilities to a few mates who aren’t complete f**k-ups. The kind of people who keep spare ink cartridges for their printer, and will stay sober enough to sell…

How to get your show paid for.. 800 600 admin

How to get your show paid for..

Get local business to sponsor your show. Here’s how ya do it. It’s border line manipulation, straight out of the Catholic Schools book of guilt. Dear sponsor – You know every year how (for eg.) breast cancer is the number one killer amongst women over 40 and is on the rise, well I’ve recently seen…

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