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Ticket to Ride 800 600 admin

Ticket to Ride

You know that awesome feeling of having tickets to a concert?  It’s easy to give your punters the same loin-pumping joy by creating ticketing to your event… and it doesn’t have to cost you a cent.   We’ve broken it down for you below to make it easy: First up, we recommend, which offers an online…

Top 10 ways to raise money. 800 600 admin

Top 10 ways to raise money.

After 10 years of doing fundraisers for schools, clubs and social clubs alike, we thought we’d seen it all when it came to fund raising ideas. And we were right. Firstly, when wanting to raise funds for your function, keep in mind for your average Bogan Bingo showpeople pay about $25-$35 to go. Throw in a…

Getting your gig together in 4 easy steps 800 600 admin

Getting your gig together in 4 easy steps

When organising a kick-arse event it can sometimes feel like there are more boxes to tick than a bingo card, which is why we always recommend delegating responsibilities to a few mates who aren’t complete f**k-ups. The kind of people who keep spare ink cartridges for their printer, and will stay sober enough to sell…

How to get your show paid for.. 800 600 admin

How to get your show paid for..

Get local business to sponsor your show. Here’s how ya do it. It’s border line manipulation, straight out of the Catholic Schools book of guilt. Dear sponsor – You know every year how (for eg.) breast cancer is the number one killer amongst women over 40 and is on the rise, well I’ve recently seen…

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