Bogan Bingo Merch Available

Bogan Bingo Merch Available

Bogan Bingo Merch Available 800 600 admin

Introducing the Bogan Bingo prize pack, with everything a bogan could want.

It’s a dirt cheap no-brainer for getting some extra coin on the night. We’ve packed it with over $100 worth of gear your punters will fight for.

Get your bogan hosts to run a quick auction for the singlet and t-shirt. We’d expect at least 50 bucks for each, maybe more if they’ve had a few beers. Put the stubby holders the bar and charge about $15.  Sell those the stickers: no Commodore car bumper would be complete without one.

And the pack includes the My First 100 Bogan Words book, perfect for the teenage daughter who’s expecting.

So let’s break it down, we give you:

1 – $100+ value in merch
2 – You could make a return of more than $200+
3 – We’ll cut the pack price down to just $95 (+$10-$15 postage).

To order yours, just head here on our website to and select “Merch Pack” under Kind of Payment, then enter your details.