Bootlegging Bogan Bingo? Um, yeah NO!

Bootlegging Bogan Bingo? Um, yeah NO!

Bootlegging Bogan Bingo? Um, yeah NO! 543 678 darren

In 2008 Bogan Bingo became a registered trademark. Not just so someone could privatise the Bogan industry and inflate the price to the public, but to protect the show’s intellectual property and make sure just no idiot off the street and their dog could get up in front of their mates and pretend to be funny by dropping the F bomb for the entire night.

So here is just a few key points as to why you need to let us know if you see anyone doing their own version of Bogan Bingo:

  1. Its intellectual property, and people should be able to make good money, from good ideas.
  2. We don’t want people coming to in-house events thinking they are coming to see our show and walking away disappointed.
  3. We don’t want people walking in to yours (illegal) expecting to to be entertained by what they have googled and seen on You Tube.
  4. And finally, its actually illegal to sell Bingo tickets without a license and we have a good relationship with the Commission to make sure we stay within their confines and regulations so we dont break the law. We’d like to keep it that way.

As a business owner Im sure you understand how important word of mouth is and especially with a brand such as Bogan Bingo, we cant have just anyone offending the audience after every number thinking they are funny. Our team is fully professional, but more importantly they are are fully accountable as one host has realised the hard way very recently.


And finally, we’ve done all the work for you so why bother. It might be the difference in 10 people coming, or 100 people coming so please, let us help.