Bootlegging Bogan Bingo? Um, yeah NO!

Bootlegging Bogan Bingo? Um, yeah NO! 543 678 darren

In 2008 Bogan Bingo became a registered trademark. Not just so someone could privatise the Bogan industry and inflate the price to the public, but to protect the show’s intellectual property and make sure just…

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“Can the kids come?”

“Can the kids come?” 1512 1134 admin

With kids, from our experience, we always preferred giving our audience ‘a night off’ from the everyday responsibility of parenting, and to be honest, its lot more work for our team to be mindful for…

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What if I don’t get enough people??

What if I don’t get enough people?? 1600 873 admin

We get this question a lot. We think it is a pretty important topic so its been spared a spot on the FAQ’s page, and been given its very own blog post! When you book…

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2019 Terms and Conditions

2019 Terms and Conditions 1600 873 admin

A long long time ago… Bogan Bingo could be quite flexible when people who booked shows forgot to check their calendars, decided that 40 people wasn’t enough to have a good time or (yes this…

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