Change at the Bar: Best Ways to Run a Raffle, Not Ruin it.

Change at the Bar: Best Ways to Run a Raffle, Not Ruin it.

Change at the Bar: Best Ways to Run a Raffle, Not Ruin it. 800 600 admin

The great Aussie meat tray raffle, you’ll find it at the best RSLs and pubs around the country.  And for a fundraiser, a raffle of any kind is also an easy and cheap way to get some extra dollars into the pot… and here’s how to do it right!

Getting the Prizes
Get on good terms with your local independent butcher and ask about a discount or some freebies for the community event.  Remind them that you can give them some free advertising at the gig.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be meat. Whatever prizes you reckon will pump the ‘nads of your punters is grouse.  Have a look down at the Westfield and see who can sort you out with a hamper or part-there-of.

Shit we’ve seen that works:

Selling more Tickets: 
If you’re running a bar, get the bar staff to sell extra raffle tickets throughout the night. Instead of weighing down punters pockets with $3 change from their beers, get them to buy 3 raffle tickets there and then.

Save yourself running around in at half time by selling your tickets at the door as well. Or get even lazier and put a raffle book in an old icecream container on each table and tell people to chuck their money in there for every ticket they buy.

What Really Works:
Don’t give away too many prizes. It’s better to drum up the excitement for the ‘Huge 5 Hampers” or a $100 voucher than it is to spend 40 minutes giving a knick-knack prize to everyone in the crowd.

Lastly, make the prizes look good and display ’em where people can see ’em.  Like a smoking hot scalper on Grand Final day, you’ll sell a shit-tonne more tickets.