Corona Virus T’s and C’s

Corona Virus T’s and C’s

Corona Virus T’s and C’s 150 150 darren

Refund Policy statement

Hello and thanks for your concern regarding the current situation on behalf of your friends and community.
As a company whose sole purpose is bringing people together and having fun, it seems that Bogan Bingo Entertainment is going to be severely impacted by what is happening in relation to the Corona Virus.

Even though we have put together some tips and information on how best to look after your crowd for our events, we understand the concern and need to play it safe and potentially postpone your show.

Regarding postponing or cancelling your show, we are waiving the rebooking fee and hoping you can hold off with us to see if you can book the show again with us within the next 6 months time.

Other than that our Terms and Conditions remain even more important to stick to in order for this business to survive.

Previously we have been quite flexible with our terms and conditions regarding people’s personal circumstances, but on this occasion we are falling into line with every other company and industry (especially some airlines and hotels that are not offering refunds) and still offering our services for all shows under 500 people.

We respect everyone’s decision to lay low and be safe, but anticipate that people can respect our position to stay in business and offer the community a chance to have a laugh and escape from today’s realities when the time is right for them.