How to get your show paid for..

How to get your show paid for..

How to get your show paid for.. 800 600 admin

Get local business to sponsor your show.

Here’s how ya do it.

It’s border line manipulation, straight out of the Catholic Schools book of guilt.

Dear sponsor –

You know every year how (for eg.) breast cancer is the number one killer amongst women over 40 and is on the rise, well I’ve recently seen the impact that it has on families first hand and I want to do something about it.

I’ve put my hand up to host a Bogan Bingo night for the club/community and am aiming to raise $20,000!

Dragging them to another trivia night would be almost worse than cancer itself so I’ve booked the Bogan Bingo team as I know they not only draw a great crowd and will provide us all with some much needed laughs, but they also take care of so much on the night that I can actually look forward to having just as much fun as everyone else. Thing is they cost a little more than your average quiz night so we are hoping you can be a sponsor of the event. They give all the local industries a great plug and they can even make the invoice out to you so you can claim it back on your tax!

We have enough prizes and goods to auction off, so if you can help cover some of their appearance fee it will really help to increase our profit margin at the door.

And you’ll feel like a rock star and get the royal treatment when you come along!

So can you help?

Yours in rock,


So the trick is, state the cause, use some stats. And people will have to believe you. Don’t lie though, we are assuming you’re in this position because you know your stuff. If its for your sporting club just say “You know how every year we run out of cash and have to buy second hand footballs..” Ask businesses you know. People cant say no to someone they may bump into down the street buying some milk. Awkward! Tell them why Bogan Bingo is the only way to go and that we can give them a plug, save some tax, massage their ego a little and BAM. Hit em up for the cash. Most important (especially if you want to try this on the phone, finish with “So can you help?” Humans hate asking for help, so the hardest thing is here is to shut your mouth and wait for them to say something.

It will be either

A: “Yeah for sure”
B: “Sorry I cant.”
C: A load of dribble.
Either way, you look amazing, they feel like crap and you move on to the next business.