WA Gaming Compliance Info


  1. The legislation that governs gaming (including Bingo) in Western Australia is the Gaming and Wagering Commission Act 1987. Section 107 and 109 allow for ‘permitted gaming/amusements’ (no permit required), IF the activity is not conducted for the purposes of private gain or of a commercial undertaking AND the permitted gaming is not the only substantial inducement to attend the event AND the total aggregate value of the prizes awarded is less than $200.
  2.   In simple terms, in order to ensure you don’t require a permit, you need to follow the below rules, and by agreeing to host Bogan Bingo you are agreeing to these rules:
  •  You cannot sell Bingo cards, only entry tickets to the event.
  • You must use cheap novelty prizes only (think Red Dot, Reject Shop etc.) Your total spend on prizes MUST be less than $200.
  • No single prize is to have a greater value than the ticket price for your show.
  • Bingo cannot be the only ‘substantial inducement’ to attend your event. We fulfill this clause by putting on a full show including; running Air Guitar Comps, Biggest Bogan Competition and other activities, and if you are running things like a raffle and/or a silent auction, it also helps to fulfill this clause by offering other ‘Substantial Inducements’ for punters to attend.

NOTE: If you are applying for a temporary liquor license through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries the assessing officer may ask you whether you have also applied for a Bingo/Gaming permit, or advise you that a permit is needed.

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