What if I don’t get enough people??

What if I don’t get enough people??

What if I don’t get enough people?? 1600 873 admin

We get this question a lot. We think it is a pretty important topic so its been spared a spot on the FAQ’s page, and been given its very own blog post!

When you book with us, it does take a bit of work. Georgia puts together all the information, sometimes after much back and forth about dates and making sure the team is available and then bang! Lets lock it in.

All this is under the assumption that you have ticked all the boxes with your powers that be and agreed that there is enough interest and funds to give Bogan Bingo a red hot go.

And we can assume there’s always one grumble arse that opposes it but good on YOU for breaking away from another boring quiz night.

So now, reality hits and you have to get people to commit.

Best way to do this is to pay your deposit. Only then do you get the password to start promoting our show which is fully trademarked, and fully ‘sick’ as your kids might say.

You’ll also get our Bogan Bingo Bible, which will guide you though how to build your team, get your show paid for by local business and not have a mental breakdown along the way.

You also get your own co-ordinator in your state to answer any concerns. They also call you three weeks out from your event. Not so much to chase up the balance, which is when the other 70% is due, but to see how you are going for numbers.

Here is where you make the call.

The deposit is non refundable. No matter what sort of show it is for. But if at this time you want to cancel or postpone the gig, 3 weeks notice is enough time for us to tell our performers they can take on other work as many of them are actors and rock stars in many other types of shows.

So if you do decide to postpone, you can get as creative as you like with our ‘voucher’.

– use the deposit to rebook the show and give it another go later in the year, or the start of the season the year after*

– use it for an entirely different event. ie staff christmas party etc.

– auction it off or sell it to someone else.

* (Note- a small rebooking fee can be charged in some cases as we do knock back other shows when we reserve your date. This does cost us a lot). Its usually about 15% if your date is in peak season.


Keep in mind ticket sales, no matter how hard you try, run in the shape of a bell curve. You’re likely to get a lot of sales at the start, nothing but an anxious flat line in the middle, and then a lot at the end, or on the night when you want to throttle all your friends for depriving you of many a nights sleep.

That’s only a trend though, so use your marketing connections and powers to buck it. And read our tips as well.

We do 300 of these shows a year around the country. Very few don’t get the numbers, and when that happens, its usually due to poor planning or an untimely and unforeseen clash of events.

Also, please resist thinking that charging more will scare people off. We know we are more expensive than the trivia night you have been running every year. People will happily spend $25 to $30 on this show, if it means not spending $15 on another quiz night. We’re almost famous you know!

We see dozens of communities show up every weekend, all around the country, and trust us, city or country, drought or floods, recession or depression, after a few beers and a need to have a good darn laugh, we’re all pretty much the same.



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