Why 6 Prizes?

Why 6 Prizes?

Why 6 Prizes? 800 600 admin

Well apart from 666 being a badass number frequently used by rock bands…

Let’s break it down:
 – We play two bingo games, so ya need a prize for Game 1 and one for Game 2.
 – The famous Air Guitar Competition and a Biggest Bogan challenge each need a one prize for the winner.
 – At the end of the night we crown our best dressed bogan King and Queen, so that’s another prize for each of the winners.
See our list of fully sick prize ideas on this blog post

And here’s a checklist to make sure you have a prize for each of the 6 segments!Game one winner ________________

Game two winner _________________

Biggest Bogan  __________________

Air Guitar Champ ______________

Bogan King _______________

Bogan Queen  __________________

In the words of RHCP: “Give it away, give it away, give it away now!”